Advantage PS4: Why Sony is winning the console war – GameSpot

By: Justin Haywald Just in case you’re someone who’s inclined to read the title of this opinion piece, skim the first paragraph, and then jump straight to the comments section, this is not a doom-and-gloom message for Microsoft. The Xbox One is selling really well, the Microsoft games division isn’t about to go out of business, and the launch of the Xbox One has not … Continue reading Advantage PS4: Why Sony is winning the console war – GameSpot

Destiny beta in early 2014

By: Eddie Makuck [UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, Bungie confirmed the Destiny beta. It will be available in early 2014 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 for those who preorder the game at participating retailers. A new gameplay trailer is available below. The beta will include a “diverse sampling of major activities” from the full game, though these were … Continue reading Destiny beta in early 2014

Activision on its “appetite for risk”

By: Eddie Makuch Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has responded to claims that the company is relying too heavily on first-person shooter games, namely the Call of Duty series and Bungie’s upcoming Destiny . Speaking with CVG , Hirshberg said the company’s portfolio is diversified, referencing the Skylanders series as an example. He pointed out that the franchise did not exist 18 months ago and … Continue reading Activision on its “appetite for risk”

Bungie discusses cross-gen Destiny

By:  Eddie Makuch Bungie‘s all-new shooter Destiny will be released on both current- and next-generation consoles, but will there be differences between the two versions? Discussing this with X360 Magazine, Bungie design director Joseph Staten teased that more specifics will be divulged at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo, but noted that the studio’s ambition is to “push this game as far” as it can on every platform. “Anytime you … Continue reading Bungie discusses cross-gen Destiny

Bungie not worried about Destiny server issues

By: Eddie Makuch In the wake of SimCity’s troubled launch this month, Bungie has said it is not worried about an influx of users crippling Destiny‘s servers at release. “This isn’t our first rodeo,” the developer said as part of its latest Mail Sack. “Bungie is no stranger to anxious mobs of players who rush home after a midnight launch and put our best-laid plans to the test.” Bungie’s claim … Continue reading Bungie not worried about Destiny server issues

Bungie’s Destiny a ‘shared-world’ shooter

By: Eddie Makuch After years of secrecy, Bungie today officially announced Destiny , its first post-Halo project. A first-person shooter for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with elements of open-world sandbox and persistent world, Destiny is described as the world’s first “shared-world shooter.” And Activision has big hopes for it. “Very few games transcend their medium and their genre to truly become a part of popular culture; to … Continue reading Bungie’s Destiny a ‘shared-world’ shooter

Bungie’s Destiny confirmed, will be unveiled February 17

By:  Eddie Makuch Bungie today confirmed that its all-new universe with Activision is calledDestiny. This had long been rumored, though Bungie finally today bluntly stated, “So, our game is called Destiny.” The developer also said Destiny will be officially unveiled on February 17. Bungie recently launched a teaser website counting down to the proper reveal. Bungie also today launched Facebook,Twitter, and Google+ channels for Destiny. Destiny is Bungie’s first project as part … Continue reading Bungie’s Destiny confirmed, will be unveiled February 17

Did Bungie tease ‘Destiny’ in Halo 3: ODST?

By: Eddie Makuch Just this week, Bungie released the first piece of concept art for its new game, believed to be called Destiny. However, it appears the studio embedded a Destiny teaser more than three years ago in Halo 3: ODSTand none caught on until yesterday. A Twitter user sent former Bungie developer Vic DeLeon (who now continues to work on Halo at 343 Industries) … Continue reading Did Bungie tease ‘Destiny’ in Halo 3: ODST?


Oh this was simply an adorable.  I watched it with my mom which was possibly the best thing.  This movie is about the relationship between a mother and daughter.  It was beautiful because you had two feuding people.  I loved the animation in this story and the two stories that intertwined, the two spells that she had to undo.  There was a lot of overcoming … Continue reading Brave