Edgar Allan Poe

Review of ‘American Midnight: Tales of the Dark’

This anthology is well-suited to welcoming new horror readers.

Monday Night TV (11 Mar 2013)

Well Emma (Valorie Curry) is a bit of a slut isn’t she.  That being said, it was incredibly interesting.  Although it bothers me that after the string of shooting in the world that television shows about serial killers and cult formations have become mainstream, they do highlight a nerve in our society that most would wish to ignore.These concepts are based in reality, making them all the more frighting and thrilling, keeping me enthralled.  This episode was lacking a bit and the []

Monday Night TV ( 4 Feb 2013)

Well, I can honestly say that this show is certainly not becoming outlandish.   I did like the roller derby aspect of the episode, how the show was progressing and how they had Angela infiltrate the derby team.  It was nice to see her character in action for once, rather than from behind a computer.  But, as always, Angela was way too noisy for her own good.  I get it, she cares, but if someone does not want to talk about something, it []

Monday Night TV (28 Jan 2013)

I find it increasingly hard to write reviews for this show.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like this show, but after a few years, it’s starting to feel a little stagnant.  It’s the same concept in the show, you have a team here, who are going through their own issues but who pull together to solve a crime.  It’s the same thing, the plot changes and so do the dimensions of the case, but it’s still the same thing here which []

The Apparition

What can I say?  This movie has the appeal of something akin to Edgar Allan Poe.  But before I get into that, I want to talk about this movie.  Here you have something that says “once you believe you die”.  Where was the believing?  The movie starts off very well with these group of people trying to bring something from the other side to our side.  From there, things go wrong and them the movie jumps and it takes on an extremely []