Worlds Apart: How DayZ and Rust Fill Different Roles in the Survival Genre

By: Shaun McInnis I had no idea what to think when that first arrow flew past my head. Here I was chasing a boar across a hillside with nothing more than a rock, desperately trying to gather enough meat to stay alive one more night. Who was this person trying to kill me? Why would they waste perfectly good arrows on someone so clearly lacking … Continue reading Worlds Apart: How DayZ and Rust Fill Different Roles in the Survival Genre

Bungie’s Destiny a ‘shared-world’ shooter

By: Eddie Makuch After years of secrecy, Bungie today officially announced Destiny , its first post-Halo project. A first-person shooter for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with elements of open-world sandbox and persistent world, Destiny is described as the world’s first “shared-world shooter.” And Activision has big hopes for it. “Very few games transcend their medium and their genre to truly become a part of popular culture; to … Continue reading Bungie’s Destiny a ‘shared-world’ shooter

Half-Life now on Mac, Linux

By:  Eddie Makuch Valve’s iconic first-person shooter Half-Life is now available on Mac OS X and Linux, 15 years after the game originally launched in 1998. Valve has not made an official announcement, but Polygon reports that the game is available and runs without a hiccup. The game is currently priced at $9.99 through Steam. Half-Life 2 and its subsequent episodes were previously made available for Mac, but not the original. … Continue reading Half-Life now on Mac, Linux

Why Warface is called Warface

By: Eddie Makuch Some may think Crytek‘s free-to-play PC shooter Warface has a silly or far-fetched name, but according to company CEO Cevat Yerli, the title could not be more appropriate. “Because I think [Warface is] very personal. I think it’s a very social experience,” Yerli told Rock, Paper, Shotgun. “Yes, it’s a very strange word combination, but I wanted to express that it’s a … Continue reading Why Warface is called Warface

Dark Souls sells 1.19 million

Dark Souls (a game I have been wanting to play for some time now) pushed Namco Bandai to its strongest fiscal year since 2008, the publisher revealed today in its financial results for the year ended March 31. This action role-playing game was the company’s top game of the year selling 1.19 million copies in North America and Europe.  After the game’s launch it was … Continue reading Dark Souls sells 1.19 million