Nintendo’s Plan to Quietly Kill the Wii U – GameSpot

By Tom Mc Shea The Wii U is performing dismally at retail. It’s the depressing reality in which we live, and one that has caused us to think up ways to improve the console’s fate. What if Nintendo no longer bundled it with the expensive GamePad? Or partnered with outside studios willing to create exclusive games for the Wii U? Then maybe the system wouldn’t lag so far behind […] Read more here:

Amazing-Spider Man hits Wii U March 5

By: Eddie Makuch Activision and Marvel Entertainment announced today that The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition will arrive for Wii U on March 5 in North America, followed by a March 8 launch in Europe. All other versions launched last year. The Wii U version of The Amazing Spider-Man will be available at launch for $40 and includes four on-disc expansions. These are the Stan Lee Adventure Pack, the Lizard Rampage Pack, the Rhino Challenge, and the Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack. In addition, []

Dark Souls II Wii U petition nets 10,000 signatures

By: Eddie Makuch The online petition at calling on Namco Bandai to bring Dark Souls II to the Wii U is picking up steam. The petition today crossed 10,000 signatures, a marked improvement over the 3,000 it had earlier this week. The creator of the petition says the Wii U is a worthwhile platform for Dark Souls II for two main reasons. The first, he said, is that the Wii U’s GamePad would open up beneficial inventory management options. The second major reason Dark Souls II should []

Why Nintendo TVii missed Wii U launch

By: Eddie Makuch Nintendo‘s new Wii U console launched today in the United States without one of its more novel features: Nintendo TVii. The Mario maker told GameSpot last night at the Wii U launch event in New York City that the streaming service’s delay to December was borne of a desire to make it “absolutely perfect.” “Well, I think everybody who knows Nintendo, knows that Nintendo wants everything to be the absolute best that it can,” Nintendo director of product marketing Bill Trinen said. “Obviously, []

Pitchford: GamePad is best Nintendo hardcore controller ever

By: Eddie Makuch Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford is a believer in the Wii U‘s GamePad controller. Speaking to Joystiq, the executive claimed Nintendo has never made a better input for first-person shooter games and other hardcore titles. “This is the best controller Nintendo’s ever made for making [a first-person shooter],” Pitchford said. “This is the best controller Nintendo has ever given us for playing hardcore games.” Pitchford also praised Nintendo for bringing second-screen gaming to the living room with the Wii []

Capcom envisions ‘unique’ Resident Evil game for Wii U

By: Eddie Makuch Resident Evil 6 skipped a launch for the Wii U, but a future entry in the series could land on Nintendo‘s upcoming high-definition console. Resident Evil Revelations director Koushi Nakanishi told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the Wii U offers numerous untapped possibilities for the franchise. “The Wii U certainly looks like it will enable creators to come up with all kinds of never-before-seen gameplay ideas,” Nakanishi said. “There are lots of things I’d like to try out on it.” Nakanishi said if a Resident []

Starcraft for Wii U ‘might’ work – Blizzard

By: Eddie Makuch Starcraft II lead designer says Wii U’s GamePad touch screen provides opportunity to bring RTS to consoles, but admits interface not there yet. Real-time strategy games like Starcraft require players to manage multiple units simultaneously, and for this reason, among others, the genre has remained mostly tied to PCs, which offer keyboard and mouse controls. But could Blizzard’s RTS find a home on the Wii U? Starcraft II lead designer Dustin Browder explained to Kotaku that it “might” work, []