PlayStation Vita reportedly hacked

By: Guy Cocker Sony has long faced a difficult fight in the battle against hackers of its hardware and products. The PlayStation Portable was repeatedly hacked, ultimately resulting in low sales of the device, according to Sony. And, while it took longer for the PlayStation 3 to succumb, it too became the victim of hackers in 2011. Finally, the PlayStation Network was compromised in the … Continue reading PlayStation Vita reportedly hacked

League of Legends player info compromised

By: Brendan Sinclair League of Legends has joined the ranks of online services to have their users’ personal information stolen. This weekend, developer Riot Games confirmed the news on its official forums, saying hackers had obtained access to multiple European databases. According to the developer, the attackers took names, e-mail addresses, and dates of birth, as well as encrypted versions of passwords, security questions, and … Continue reading League of Legends player info compromised