PlayStation Vita reportedly hacked

By: Guy Cocker

PSVita_26410_screenSony has long faced a difficult fight in the battle against hackers of its hardware and products. The PlayStation Portable was repeatedly hacked, ultimately resulting in low sales of the device, according to Sony. And, while it took longer for the PlayStation 3 to succumb, it too became the victim of hackers in 2011. Finally, the PlayStation Network was compromised in the same year, resulting in the loss of millions of people’s personal information.

Now, it appears as though the same could be set to happen to the PlayStation Vita. Website CVG reports that coder and self-confessed re-engineer Yifan Lu has been developing a homebrew loader for Sony’s latest handheld. According to Lu’s blog, he has discovered an exploit for the PlayStation Vita, and used it as the basis for building what he calls the "Usermode Vita Loader". This, claims Lu, makes it possible to create homebrew Vita software.

Source: GameSpot

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