Infinite’s Kim Sung Kyu Releases Solo Debut MV “60 Seconds”

By: Sylphid Infinite‘s leader Kim Sung Kyu has revealed his debut solo music video for “60 Seconds” today. The song is the title track of his first solo album “Another Me,” which will be released this week. Composed by Sweet Tune, the song is about being able to fall in love and also break up within sixty seconds. In the music video, fellow Infinite member L plays the lead role. Along with the title track “60 Seconds,” other songs included are “Another Me,” “I Need You,” Only Tears (acoustic version)”, “Shine” and “41 []

KARA, SISTAR, EXO-K, SHINee, INFINITE, and more perform at “KBS Olympic London 2012 Festival”

By: GhostWriter To commemorate the South Korean athletes of the 2012 London Olympics Games, KBS held a special “Olympic London 2012 Festival” at Yeouido Park in Seoul. 150 athletes were in attendance and some of the medalists even performed on stage. Performing at the event were some of Korea’s top artists including B2ST, SHINee, G.NA, Tiger JK and Tasha, KARA, SISTAR, CNBLUE, INFINITE, Ulala Session, 4minute, EXO-K, and more. South Korea proved to be an athletic powerhouse at the Olympics surpassing it’s []

INFINITE’s Dongwoo & miss A’s Min tweet their support for new duo “Tasty”

As Woollim Entertainments new new ‘Tasty’ makes their debut, other groups have been showing their support.  Notably, INFINITE’s Dongwoo.  Dongwoo recently showed their support by tweeting: “Hahaha I’m in a good mood ~.~ Our INFINITE now has a new family!!! Hehe you’re curious, right~!? A new hot! Shocking! Family~ They’ll be revealed today on Youtube.. Who wants to watch it with me..” Miss A’s Min also showed her support for her old trainee partners by tweeting: My good friends ‘tasty’ is coming []

Woollim Entertainment possibly hints at upcoming girl group with “It’s New” video trailer

It’s a year of new girl groups it seems.  There are rumors that there is to be a new girl group from INFINITE‘s agency Woollim Entertainment. There isn’t much information about the new group, but they did make an appearance on “Running Man” last month. Woollim Entertainment released a vague video trailer earlier today titled “It’s New”, on their official YouTube channel.  Some say that it is alluding to a new girl group while others speculate that it is the return of []

INFINITE’s Hoya has been confirmed for new sitcom

By: leesa86 INFINITE‘s Hoya announced that he would be trying his hand at acting. At INFINITE’s showcase for their third mini-album ‘INFINITIZE‘ that was held on May 15th, member Hoya remarked, “I will be trying my hand at acting this year. I have been confirmed for a new project that will be broadcast through tvN in the near future. It’s a role that requires me to use a dialect, so I am currently practicing.” Hoya has been confirmed for tvN’s ‘Respond 1997‘, []

INFINITE releases their new mini-album, ‘INFINITIZE’

Boy group INFINITE who climbed to the top after making a splash with each release last year has finally returned with a new album! Fans everywhere have eagerly been awaiting the release of their new mini-album ‘INFINITIZE‘ which has officially dropped on May 15th (KST). INFINITE has once again teamed up with Sweetune who produced their title track “The Chaser“. Like the title suggests, it’s a rather fast-paced track that sings of a man who is willing to let go of the []

Top idols to perform and walk the runway for ‘K-Collection in Seoul’ [NEWS]

Top stars like Girls’ Generation, Big Bang, IU, MBLAQ, INFINITE, T-ara, miss A, SECRET, Nine Muses, and many more will be walking the runway as well as performing for the ‘K-Collection In Seoul‘! Scheduled to be held on March 11th at the Olympic Park Gymnasium, ‘K-Collection In Seoul’ has prepared an amazing line up of idol group performers for their show. In addition, 15 idol members will be walking the runway and showcasing various fashion styles for the launch of Korea’s first []

What Is the Difference Between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation Male Idols? [NEWS/MISC.]

Recently as Tony An from H.O.T. joined a relatively new and young idol group Smash as a member, there has been growing interest in first generation male idols. Male idol culture started back in the late 1990s and is now in its third generation. Today, we are looking at the differences among first, second, and third generation male idols. ◇ First generation: Masculine Charm  First generation male idols appealed their masculine charm. The longest running idol group Shinhwa showcased powerful and charismatic []