Magicians Muse (The Seer Series: Book 6)

I am so glad that I finally got to read this book!  You know what, it was worth the wait.  WARNING: There will be spoilers.  I’m just glad that Josh is finally able to accept what Sabine is and they are able to be friends, of course she kind of saved his life so it was okay.  Anyway, it was a good and fun read.  I loved it.  the writing and story telling were captivating.  This was such a great book to []

Monday Night TV (6 Fed 2012)

Lemon needs to eat something, at least the actress that plays her needs to eat something.  Anyway it was a great episode, I really thought that Wade was going to confess his feelings to Zoe,  but no, he played with her, totally psyched her out.  Anyway it was a good episode, I really liked it.  The ending though, whoa, poor Lavon man, I hope that this does not ruin his new relationship and finally, Lemon told her fiancé everything…well except that she []