PSY and Jackie Chan Looking Chummy at MAMA 2012

By: kimdebbie After wrapping up his MAMA performance, PSY went on twitter and asked fans, “How did you all like MAMA? I received a big congratulations from this guy right here” and uploaded a photo of the singer himself with his arm around none other than renown martial arts movie star Jackie Chan. Netizens who saw the photo of the two celebrities commented, “Wow, the reach of PSY’s fame is incredible. To think that even people in China know about him!”, “PSY, []

Big Bang’s Video Teaser for MAMA 2012 Released

By: halves in unison “Wow. Fantastic, baby!” On November 26 (local time), Mnet uploaded a teaser of Big Bang on their official youtube channel. The members of Big Bang had a chance to give a quick shout out to their fans and shared their feelings for MAMA 2012. They shared, “MAMA is like the finals to us. Every year, MAMA comes to us as the biggest event.” Leader G-Dragon mentioned, “You haven’t seen all five of us on stage for a very []