Middle Earth

Empires Of The Deep Trailer Reveals A Mermaid War Unlike Any Other

By: Kristy Puchko Avatar took us to a world beyond the stars. Lord of The Rings took us deep into the realm of Middle Earth, and now the ambitious fantasy adventureEmpires of the Deep offers a journey leagues below the ocean’s surface to a world where war rages, pulling man, mermaids, and all manner of fishy beast into the fray. Featuring explosions, giant shellfish and whales being used as battleships, the film’s latest trailer viewable below has got it all. It only []

Wellington, New Zealand To Rename Itself The Middle Of Middle-Earth For The Hobbit Premiere

By: Eric Eisenberg If it weren’t for New Zealand the Lord of the Rings trilogy would have been much worse off. Not only is it the home country of director Peter Jackson, it was the majestic nature of the country’s topography that brought the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth to life. And the series has been a huge boon to New Zealand as well, as many fans travel there to take a journey similar to the one taken by Frodo Baggins. []