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2,100 more sex offenders banned from online games

By: Eddie Makuch An additional 2,100 registered sex offenders have been removed from online gaming platforms in New York, attorney general Eric T. Schneidermanannounced today through his website. The bannings are part of the “Operation: Game Over” initiative, which earlier this year removed more than 3,500 sex offenders from online networks in the state. New York had the cooperation of five new game companies for its latest round of sex offenders purges, including THQ, Funcom, NCSoft, and Gaia Online. The fifth company []

Noomi Rapace Up For Animal Rescue With Tom Hardy

By:  Kristy Puchko Since originating the role of Lisbeth Salander in Sweden’s production ofThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Scandinavian stunner Noomi Rapace has fascinated filmmakers, not to mention audiences. In just the past twelve months, she’s starred into two major action-adventures, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows and Prometheus. Now, having recently wrapped on the crime thriller Dead Man Down, this captivating actress is on the prowl for new challenging roles, and may be ready to pounce on Fox Searchlight‘sAnimal Rescue. Based on a short story []

Vin Diesel’s Kojak Movie Brings On Skyfall Writers

By:  Kristy Puchko Screenwriting team Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have made a career out of penning James Bond thrillers from The World is Not Enough to Casino Royale and Skyfall. With the latest of these scoring widespread praise and tearing it up at the box office—to the tune of $951 million worldwide to date—this dynamic duo is being sought by studios looking to create smart and exhilarating action features. But for now, these two screenwriters will have to leave slick spies behind them. Deadline reports that Universal has []

Kid Cudi And Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr Join Romantic Comedy Two Night Stand

By: Eric Eisenberg From the description of the upcoming comedy Two Night Stand it sounds like it’s going to be a film with a very small cast. The plot follows two young people (Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton) who meet online and then sleep together as part of a one night and immediately regret it in the next morning. Unfortunately, they find themselves trapped together due to a raging blizzard. Honestly, when I first read the plot I thought there was a []

Is Shia LaBeouf Having Real Sex In Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac?

By: Kristy Puchko With David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, Twilight star Robert Pattinson attempts to shed his placid pretty boy image by playing a repulsive and lecherous billionaire whose insidious exploits are sure to make audiences squirm. It’s a bold choice, but as his Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe showed with his revealing performance in the Broadway production of Equus, one sometimes needs to do something radical to successfully make the leap from teen dreamboat to working adult actor. Today marks the theatrical debut []

B2ST makes a hot comeback with “Not Me” + “Beautiful Night” on ‘Music Bank’!

By: Kingpolo It’s a beautiful day for B2uties as B2ST has finally made their return with “Beautiful Night“! “Beautiful Night” is the title track of the group’s new, fifth mini-album, ‘Midnight Sun‘. Another song from the album, “Midnight”, was pre-released a week before the album officially came out. The music video was shot in New York, and the new single is described as a dramatic dance track from the electro-synth pop genre. As part of the comeback special tradition, along with “Beautiful []

Violinist Eugene Park’s love call to Lee Hyori and G-Dragon [NEWS]

37 years old violinist Eugene Park has shown his love for K-POP. He chose Lee Hyori and Big Bang’s G-Dragon when asked for the most desired singer he wants to perform with. “I love charismatic and sexy women” he stated the reason for choosing Lee Hyori He showed his faith in G-Dragon by saying “Don’t all Korean love GD?” “I want to look neat and tidy like him” he further confessed “GD is one of a kind entertainer that rare to find []

Big Bang Filming their Music Video In New York (120212) [MV] [M/V]

Big Bang Filming there New Music Video in Brooklyn New York under a train station , It was cold out there so to keep themselves warm they did a lot of dancing . When they stopped to take break they went to there SUV , They waived at fans and Taeyang through me a salute at first then a piece sign before they left.

Monday Night TV (6 Fed 2012)

Lemon needs to eat something, at least the actress that plays her needs to eat something.  Anyway it was a great episode, I really thought that Wade was going to confess his feelings to Zoe,  but no, he played with her, totally psyched her out.  Anyway it was a good episode, I really liked it.  The ending though, whoa, poor Lavon man, I hope that this does not ruin his new relationship and finally, Lemon told her fiancé everything…well except that she []