Visually Stunning | Review Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

A beautifully and visually stunning take on Miles Morales journey into becoming Spider-man.

Week 19 2014 | Part 3 | Comic Book Reviews

Spinning into the Marvel area of comics, the week concludes with the first two issues of the Original Sin story arc, Original Sin #0 & Original Sin #1. As a mini-series, does this have a solid opening with the proper characterization that can hook in any reader? Or, is this just another lame attempt at trying to create something that should be worthwhile, bringing in a rather large cast that can send the story spinning into a hundred different directions?

Mass Effect movie five or six years away, says producer

By: Eddie Makuch Gamers holding out for the upcoming Mass Effect movie may want to get comfortable. Producer Avi Arad told Kotaku in a new interview that the film’s release is five or six years away, putting its potential debut at 2018 or 2019. “It’s a big idea, that we, humans, are the least developed, the least trusted. It’s an interesting mirror image of our world, we are the aliens now,” Arad said of the film’s script. “Love the project, it’s getting []

World of Warcraft film begins shooting in 2014

By: Eddie Makuch The upcoming World of Warcraft feature film will begin shooting early next year, producer Charles Roven has told SlashFilm. “First quarter 2014 we’re going to shoot that movie,” Roven said. “We’re moving forward; obviously Legendary is making that film and I’m having a great time with [director Duncan Jones ].” The film’s plot–written by Blood Diamond and K-PAX scribe Charles Leavitt– is being kept “under wraps.” A past report pegged the film’s budget as “north of $100 million .” []

G.I. Joe And Transformers Crossover? The Producer Tells Us How It Could Happen

By:  Eric Eisenberg Part of the joy of playing with toys and action figures as a kid was having characters cross pop culture universes. X-Wing pilot Luke Skywalker fit surprisingly well in the model Batmobile I had growing up, and Spider-Man regularly teamed up with the Power Rangers to take down evil. It was a blast to stretch the boundaries of imagination beyond copyright laws and branding and figure out how two very different characters from two very different worlds would interact. So []

Amazing-Spider Man hits Wii U March 5

By: Eddie Makuch Activision and Marvel Entertainment announced today that The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Edition will arrive for Wii U on March 5 in North America, followed by a March 8 launch in Europe. All other versions launched last year. The Wii U version of The Amazing Spider-Man will be available at launch for $40 and includes four on-disc expansions. These are the Stan Lee Adventure Pack, the Lizard Rampage Pack, the Rhino Challenge, and the Oscorp Search and Destroy Pack. In addition, []

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Gets An Official Plot Synopsis

By:  Eric Eisenberg The actors are all accounted for. The lights are on. The film is rolling. The release date is set. Production on Marc Webb‘s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is officially underway in New York City and here at Cinema Blend we’re incredibly curious about what the movie has in store for us. Reports over the last few months have revealed that characters like Mary Jane Watson (Shailene Woodle), Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), Electro (Jamie Foxx), and The Rhino (Paul Giamatti) will be []

Marc Webb Isn’t Making A Sequel, He’s Mapping Out A Massive Spider-Man Universe

By:  Sean O’Connell “Please don’t tell me we’re in for another Spider-Man 3.” I read your mind. That’s the thought that popped into most of your heads when you read how Marc Webb might want Paul Giamatti to play The Rhinoin his planned sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. Please don’t tell me that we’re lining up for an overstuffed, undercooked Spider-Man movie with too many villains and too little attention paid to vital characters in Peter Parker’s universe. Let’s take a quick head count. Webb’s movie []