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March Book of the Month Poll

Hey guys! Here’s another poll for you on the upcoming books for March. Choose which book you would like to win the book of the month by your anticipation. Happy reading.

Oh DragonLance, where are you hiding?

I love the DragonLance novels.  You know the books that are akin to Forgotten Realms and Magic the Gathering.  Although, if you go into a bookstore nowadays, you wouldn’t believe that they used to be so big.  The DragonLance novels used to span to bookcases.  It used to be the place I would run to when I entered a bookstore.  Science Fiction-Fantasy, yeah, that was my section.  My mom read more of those books that I did, of course they have been []

Dragons of Winter Night (Chronicles Vol. 2)

I loved this book just as much as I did the first time around. It is a great and masterful story that sucked me in all over again. There are however, a few mishaps I found. Big mishaps, but you only notice them if you read the tie in novel Dragons of the Dwarven Depths. All in all though, Margret Weis and Tracy Hickman and sucked me back into the world of Dragonlance all over again. Available wherever books are sold.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Chronicles Vol. 1)

You need to read this book. There is no if and’s or but’s about it. Read it! This book will suck you into the entire Dragon lance series, that I promise you. It did it to me and I wasn’t that interested in the series to begin with, I basically picked up the book because I was bored and now I have almost every DragonLance book there is! Even wrote my own that. This book is brilliant! It’s epic! I’m even re-reading []