Review of ‘The Girl of Hawthorn and Glass’

The Girl of Hawthorn and Glass should have easily been enjoyable and yet the insubstantial writing will leave the reader feeling hollow. Continue reading Review of ‘The Girl of Hawthorn and Glass’

Ice Dragon (Dragonrealm, #2) | Book Review

By: Richard A. Knaak Published: September 27, 1990 Publisher: Grand Central Publishing Series: Dragonrealm Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Speculative Fiction In a war of dominance between the dragons and the humans, even the Dragon Kings are divided as the Ice Dragon hatches an evil plan to cover the Dragonrealm into a frozen wastelandfor eternity. Now it is up to Cabe Bedlam and his forces to … Continue reading Ice Dragon (Dragonrealm, #2) | Book Review