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The East Side Matures | Review of ‘I Will Always Love You’ (Gossip Girl #12)

By Cynthia Ayala

I Will Always Love You by Cecily von Ziegesar Poppy
I Will Always Love You by Cecily von Ziegesar

“Blair, Serena, Nate, Dan, and Vanessa went off to live their lives. Now they’re coming home for the holidays. A lot can change in a few months… but some things never do. 

It finally happened: we went to college. We started over. No one knows who we’ve coveted, what we scored on the SATs, where our parents live, or when we became debaucherous. We’ve learned new things, made new friends, and maybe even met the loves of our lives. We’ve changed. Or at least, some of us have. But old habits are hard to break-especially when faced with your former besties and former flames. With everyone back in the city for the holidays, this break is guaranteed to be filled with makeups, breakups, and shakeups. Lucky for you, I’m here to report all the scandal as it happens. Let the games begin!

You know you love me,
gossip girl”*

Published November 3rd 2009 by Poppy, I Will Always Love You by Cecily von Ziegesar is the final novel in the bestselling young adult Gossip Girl series surrounding Blair, Serena, Nate, Vanessa and Dan.
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The (Unsympathetic) After Party |Review of ‘The After Party’

By Cynthia Ayala

The After Party by Anton DiSclafani
Riverhead Books
Image Credit: Goodreads

Cece is devoted to Joan, has been since they were children, being either her chaperone or her partner in crime. But when Joan leaves without a word, leaving Cece heartbroken, Cece is forced to finally become her own person…that is until Joan returns with radical behavior that only escalates. Now Cece has to make a choice, but a life without Joan — can she handle it?

Published on May 17, 2016 by Riverhead Books, The After Party, by Anton DiSclafani, is a historical fiction tale about two girls and their strong friendship that borders on toxic, leaving for somewhat interesting yet disappointing read.
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