Blasphemy: Modification of Huckleberry Finn

So a printing press who has the rights to Mark Twain’s book has decided to reprint it without the racial slurs. This is a part of history, you can’t just change the past. Who can’t hide and sheltr the young from these words, from what happened, it happened, it’s part of history, and as a society we learned form it. When Mark Twain used those racial slurs, he was condemning their use and the Southern Folks and the reasons they used them. When I read that book in class, and we read it out loud, when ever we came across those words, everyone immediately got uncomfortable. That was the point, that was what Mark Twain was trying o do. He revealed the Southerner in their true light. Reprinting the book and changing those words, it’s stripping a great classic of what made it a classic. You can’t hide away what happened, who can’t just erase those words and the past. They are part of our history, of our past. Since when did our society turn into that of 1984? What’s next? This book is suppose to make us uncomfortable, it’s suppose to teach, replaying those slurs with PC (Politically Correct) terms is not doing that. Why would you try to strip the next generation of such a powerful impacting book? What, just because it has racial slurs? You can’t protect the young from what has happened, and why would you want to. It’s was allowed our society to grow, to flourish & to learn.

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