Rick Scott : The Doom of Florida

Florida is doomed.  Doomed!  Rick Scott is and idiot and is simply putting Florida in a deeper whole.  How is it the rest of the country is starting to recover but Florida getting worse.  I’ll tell you.  We Rick Scott who is an idiot and I still can’t believe he won.  This man knows nothing.  NOTHING!  Is is any wonder he’s sued by both Republicans and Democrats in the government.  Florida had been trying to create a high speed train, so the government has been setting aside money for two years to assist Florida as in it would be free for Florida to build it.  Rick Scott’s excuse for choosing to not build it, is it would Florida too much money.  What an idiot!  It would be free, the government put aside money for it to be built.  What happened to him saying he would create jobs?  So far almost 2000 people have lost jobs in Florida alone.  In Florida alone!  That High Speed train would create jobs, which he promised to to, would create income revenue.  People would have jobs.  But now.  Rick Scott is an f-ing moron.  He doesn’t know what the hell he is doing.  All he cares about is lowering taxes which is equally stupid.  I get that some people don’t like paying high property taxes and everything but that money goes into the state.  Into schools and transportation.  Rick Scott will be the death of Florida.  The Doom.  He’s simply digging a deeper whole for Florida.  He needs to be pulled form office, he needs to approve of this high speed train.  He needs to get off his arse, use his stupid brain and do what he promised and create jobs.

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