BeastlyI don’t understand why the critics bashed this movie.  Some people called it a rip off which leads me to believe that they didn’t know that this is based on the novel by Alex Finn which is not a rip off, it’s a re-telling of the original story.  If you call this movie a rip off then you have to call Disney’s Beauty and the Beast a rip off because it’s actually a re-telling of an old folk tale.

I mean, okay the constant music throughout was annoying but that was no fault of the acting, more fault to the director and producers, and there was way too much dialogue, but again, that has more to do with whoever write the screenplay and script, no fault on the acting.  But beside those facts, this movie was not lack luster.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have to say that it was totally worth my money.  I am even considering buying it when it comes on on DVD.  Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer, they don’t have a lot of acting experience, and you can tell, they are still a little rough around the edges but they still did a good job and I found them believable.  Alex had some struggle hiding his British accent and you could tell, but he still did a good job and Vanessa seemed 2 dimensional at times.  They were okay and when you have them next to experienced veteran actors like Neil Patrick Harris and Mary-Kate Olson (both of whom were brilliant in their parts), of course it’s going to be obvious.  Personally I think the critics were way to harsh when they talked about this movie.  I seemed like they didn’t even want to give it a chance.  People, judge for yourself, I read those reviews still saw the movie, with low expectations and the theater was more than half full.  It was a charming movie that I enjoyed and I have not regrets of spending my money on it and I am going to buy it when it comes out on DVD.  Give it a chance, I enjoyed it and I think you will too.

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