Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Mr.Popper's PenguinsAdorable & touching movie that I truly did enjoy.  I was laughing to hard at some points and quite frankly, I can’t understand why this movie got some bad reviews.  I mean I guess I can understand if they did not like the predictability at the end, but who cares how predictable it was, the story itself was touching, it showed such growth in the characters and I loved it.  And if you truly think about it, the ending is bitter sweet.  The penguins return to the arctic and the family is hardly ever going to see them again, I think that it was sweet and I loved it.  Jim Carrey was hilarious as always and it looked like he truly enjoyed making the film.  I adored this movie, it’s a great family film.  3/4 Stars & a “B+”.

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