Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise of the Planet of the ApesGreat movie!!!  OMG I loved this movie.  Here you have a reboot to a classic story that has already established itself among all the generations.  You mention it and everyone knows it, and this movie not only delivered, it lived up to the classic and was simply powerful.  Who says lightening doesn’t strike twice, it certainly struck again with this movie and lit up the franchise.

The story line was not only solid it was believable because of the science.  And the way the science was explained made this movie understandable to the very end.  Brilliantly done!  This was such a brilliant and well done movie I truly loved it so much.  The acting was phenomenal as well.  Tom Felton as always was brilliant, he is such a talented actor that even though he was a complete jerk in the movie i still loved him because of his talent.  James Franco was also equally amazing.  He was touching and played the part as a father and son to perfectly, he made my heart ache; and lets not forget Andy Serkis…well come on, it’s Andy Serkis!  What more is there for me to say?  I mean this guy is freakishly talented, amazing and there are not enough words for to convey how brilliant this man is.  The acting, the script, the story telling were all so awesome.  And the ending answered so many questions and left the door open for a (hopefully) sequel.  5/5 Stars & “A”.

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