Fatal Charm (A Seer Novel: Book 5)

Fatal CharmI absolutely loved this book!  It was suspenseful and wonderful and I loved it!  This book was full of revealed secrets, turning points and revelations here and there!  There was just so much in this book that forced me to keep reading.  The reading was simply tantalizing and mesmerizing I could not pull myself away from the book!  I loved it!  I know I’ve said that several times already but that is how much I enjoyed reading it.  I mean Sabine finally figures out who she loves (Dominic or Josh) and she finds the last Charm and then she finds out the extent of her fathers secret!  I mean this book was a real page turner.  Secrets upon more secrets upon more secrets.  It was a great book, there was so much growth in the character.  I mean you can see the changes from the beginning of the book but until it reaches the end, you don’t get to see just how much she has grown, how much more accepting she is of herself.  A great book!  5/5 Stars & an “A” Grade.

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