9 Sep. Fri 3:20 PM

Hey there avid readers! I know it seems like a pretty light week lol.  Well I’m in school and I’m sure all of you I know how that is.  School work comes first, I’m broke lol, don’t start working until next week Tuesday.  Ugh, no more sleeping in!  Well that’s the real world (no not like the TV Show Smile with tongue out) and that’s just how things are.  I’m still going to do my TV reviews and I’m going to try to stay on top of things here on my blog, that is my promise to you, my readers, and a promise to myself because I love this thing ya know.  I love to write and everything.  Anyway, I that is my solemn vow, to stay on top of this blog as much as possible.

Anyway don’t forget to check out todays latest and stay tuned in this weekend for a Book Review and my latest Song of the Week Smile:

Unmarried couples could go to jail for living together in Florida

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