DriveThere is just so much I can say about this movie.  It was beautiful and touching and action packed and the best part about it is it wasn’t even about racing.  It was such a wonderful movie and I’m so glad that I went to see it.  It blew my freaking mind!  I loved this movie and if I could I would see it again and again.  I loved this movie.  There is just so much to say, I can’t even formulate the words to describe this movie.  It was beautifully tragic and touched the very core of my heart and I went to see it with a bunch of guys and you know what they all loved it so it’s not a chick flick it’s just a movie with so much depth and heart and…ugh!  I just loved this movie so freaking much!  Go see it!  I’m not kidding here.  Go watch this movie now!  Ryan Gosling is amazing!  4/4 Stars & an “A+”.

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