Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider 2You know this was not a half bad movie, instead it was fun!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Nicholas Cage does crazy very well.  Also I think the fact that were was a fairly bad actor in the movie highlighted what Nicholas Cage can do.  The bad actor in the movie btw was Johnny Whitworth who was Ray Carrigan/Blackout.  Yeah, that guys acting sucked so much.  It was actually painful whenever he was on the screen.  On the brightside, over all the acting was pretty sweet.  Nicholas Cage is not that bad, well not in my opinion and he does crazy very well.  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  Don’t have high expectations people!  If you go in having high expectations for this movie you will be sorely disappointed and not leave the theater happy. It’s a fun movie to watch.  Not exactly great but not so bad either.  Keep that in mind.  2.5/4 stars and a “B-”.

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