Big Bang will reveal their first ‘World Tour’ stage on March 9th [NEWS]

CBSHOWBig Bang’s first comeback stage will not be on a music program, but instead they will come back on SBS ‘Comeback Show’.

Before the broadcast of SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on March 11th, Big Bang will meet the audience through a ‘Comeback Show’ at 6:00pm on March 9th. Big Bang’s world tour concerts (Big Show 2012) which were held from March 2nd thru the 4th will be the content of  the program.

YGE said, ‘ this broadcast will employ the stage design of the concerts as well as MTV broadcasting it through a global channel, like YG official blog and YouTube in order to enable more foreign fans to enjoy the comeback stage. There is a limit of introducing one song on  music programs ,but this broadcast will mainly focus on the introduction of new songs.’

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