Inkdeath (Inkheart Trilogy: Book 3)

InkdeathVery good book, but not a book for children, and yet somehow it finds it’s way in the kids section of the bookstore.  Um with this much violence, however tamed (if you can call it tames “his black clothes were soaked with blood”), this book is a young adults book.  Not a children’s.  Especially when you have a vile evil man with rotting flesh bathing in fairy blood.  Come on!  Does that seem like a child’s book to you.  Certainly not to me.  However I think I’m one of those parents who would read this book to my children.  And yet here I go, criticizing.  Woe is me.  Anyway here you have the final book in the Inkheart Trilogy.  Last book left off with Dustfinger dying, yes guys, he died, but he’s back!  How?  Because Orpheus read Mo, or the Blue Jay rather, into death, except the White Women, they like him.  So Death makes him a deal, to kill the Adderhead by writing the 3 words in the white book that makes him immortal.  Yes, it happened, for which I a thrilled because he was a horrible evil man.  Anyway structurally this was a good book except I think it was longer than it needed to be.  It was okay, bits and pieces of it dragged a lot and I was often distracted by all the violence in the book considering that it is a children’s book.  Definitely not something you want them to read on their own unless they are ready for the fairy tales of old, you know the ones, with no happy endings.  Just think Brothers Grimm.  This story does have a happy ending however, although now that I think about it, it is a lot like Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales.  Maybe that’s why I still liked it in the end, even though it was much longer than it needed to be.  All in all though, I did like it.  3/5 stars and a “B-”.

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