Day: 08/03/2012

Wednesday Night TV (7 Mar 2012)

This was a hilarious episode.  I loved it.  I love Dave and Brad.  They have a great bro-mance.  It was a hilarious episode!  I know I said that before but it really was hilarious.  I mean Dave was going through hoops to be an adult and talk to Alex about them having sex but she did want to talk about it so her and Jane chose to make up this elaborate way to manipulate Brad and Dave’s perception of reality.  But they []

Fan Account of Inkigayo Filming on March 8th

They filmed Fantastic Baby for about 10 times and in the last 2-3 times, they were trying to film some scenes which were not good enough. Since they had to film the songs from different angles so they kept singing and we kept shouting. GD and YB were quite nervous at the very beginning but VI and DS were very relaxed. TOP was secretly practicing his dance steps. At the first two rounds of recording, GD was not quite satisfied with the []

Big Bang’s Recorded Acceptance Speech for MNet Countdown Win (20120308)

Translation: GD: Hello, I bid you hello after a long time of rest. We are BIG BANG! We are so thankful and we’re working well, since you give us so much love. If you can wait just a bit longer for us, we’ll do a great show on M! Countdown.. TOP: just a few moments! Note: GD is using more-polite-than-usual forms of words. Source: happyrichlifebbxxx Translation:

Big Bang’s "Blue" Takes Song of the Week Against Miss A and John Park [NEWS]

Big Bang’s “Blue” is Mnet “M! Countdown” Song of the Week. Big Bang, though yet to appear on the show next week, came out triumphant with “Blue” against miss A’s “Touch” and John Park’s “Falling.” Nine Muses, C-REAL and Bohemian came out with new songs. Busker Busker lit up the show with a special performance. “M! Countdown” performances of the evening included the “hot stage” of FT Island, Se7en, MBLAQ, Tony & SMASH, John Park, K.Will, Brian Joo, Dal Shabet, Brave Girls, []

[NEWS] GD&TOP featured at English Pop Star Pixie Lott’s upcoming Japanese Album!

GD&TOP, the Idol group Big Bang’s unit composed of members G-Dragon and T.O.P, was belatedly known to have been featured in English popstar Pixie Lott’s upcoming Japanese album. “GD&TOP have joined Pixie Lott for her song ‘Dancing On My Own’ which is included in the Japanese edition of her studio album ‘Young Foolish Happy’ that will be released on March 21,” an official with YG Entertainment told 10Asia over the phone on Thursday. The rep explained that Lott has a connection with []

Big Bang’s Music and Album Signal a Big Hit [NEWS]

Big Bang is showing off their great potential as they draw much interest from their domestic and international fans. With the release of their fifth mini-album ‘Alive’ on February 29, the group has been dominating various music sites, as well as offline charts. After the news of the release of Big Bang’s new album they have surpassed 250,000 pre-orders followed by additional orders. Especially with the attention of large number of international fans the album has been requested overseas. YG Entertainment shared, []