Fan Account of Inkigayo Filming on March 8th

They filmed Fantastic Baby for about 10 times and in the last 2-3 times, they were trying to film some scenes which were not good enough. Since they had to film the songs from different angles so they kept singing and we kept shouting. GD and YB were quite nervous at the very beginning but VI and DS were very relaxed.

TOP was secretly practicing his dance steps. At the first two rounds of recording, GD was not quite satisfied with the performance so he was not very relaxed. Then Baby (V.I.) went to sit at the right side of the stage, then GD also went there (in fact, Daesung was there as well). They had been sitting there for a long time, they just stood up when they heard the order of the PD.

At that time, Baby should be consoling GD , after they went back to the stage, Baby was even teaching GD the dancing steps, it is hilarious.

Before the music started, they were always discussing about how to dance the steps well. TOP would also dance them secretly and if there were somebody calling him from the audience seats, he would give us a cute face (And of course he did not do so every time)

V.I. was very relaxed and full of confidence. He even yawned before the performance started

There were some fans screaming Seungska and Baby was so happy and he would give them some responses too.

When they were filmming the last few rounds, V.I. and T.O.P. were giving very very very cute expressions in front of the camera!

When they were practicing their dancing, V.I. was doing something and then GD bursted out laughing on Daesung’s shoulder!!!

Then, we yelled from the below, ‘what what? Let us know too!

(P.S. V.I. always utilized his solo parts to practice sexy dance, When GD tried to sing ‘hey hey’, VIP was helping him to sing this part. When he was singing the following parts, V.I. tried to help him.We also tried to sing ‘boomshakalaka’ for them but V.I. sang ‘Boom’ first. We just sang the whole phrase afterwards since we thought it is really powerful for us to do so.

Source: 闵公子的草莓猫 @Baidu Bigbang Bar
Translated by: Rice

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