Big Bang Transforms into a Hamburger in Group Selca [NEWS]

20120310_BigBang_hamburgerBig Bang members were caught playing the hamburger game?

Taeyang just tweeted “First airing celebration hamburger” and posted the above pictures. Big Bang members are building a ‘hamburger’ with their bodies at what looks like a SBS‘ Inkigayo dressing room. Seungri unfortunately got stuck at the bottom of the stack and looked a little(?) in pain. In comparison, Taeyang had a huge smile as he took his place on top.

The netizens commented things like, “Happy Taeyang and Seungri in pain“, “Even Big Bang members play hamburger“, and “They look so childish“.

In addition, fans were so amused by the photos they began trending #BIGBANGBURGERS to ‘1st’ place on Twitter.

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