How the Big Bang members get their girls [NEWS]

The Big Bang members are freely handing out information these days, but who knew they’d be so open about how they seduce women?

Big Bang appeared on the March 18 broadcast of SBS’ You and I to perform the singles from its fifth mini album.

During a talk session of the show, the MCs boldly asked the members how they approach the women they like. G-Dragon first said that he would show his affection openly by staring at her strongly and so on.

Daesung said he would suddenly pop up in front of her and say, “It’s the first time.” He explained that it was a good way to start an easy conversation as she always answers with the question, “What do you mean?”

T.O.P. was the most daring of the members. He said he would put his cell phone in the woman’s back pocket. When Lee Hyori pointed out, “Then you would be touching her butt,” he corrected, “Then I’ll put it in her front pocket,” but the only thing he got out of the statement were boos that his correction was even weirder.

Taeyang chose a more timid way; he chose to ask a fellow member for help, and for Seungri, T.O.P. took it into his own hands to reenact Seungri’s methods. He then started staring someone up and down, drawing out more boos from the audience, and Seungri had a hard time trying to explain himself that he had never done so.

Which way would work on you? Or do the methods not matter as much as the men?

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