Yang Hyunsuk “Big Bang’s Comeback Was Entirely My Will” [NEWS]

On the talk about Big Bang’s return time

– Is Big Bang’s comeback to soon? 

“The Big Bang members and I thought about this for a long time. We know that no matter how much time passes, Big Bang’s faults cannot be forgiven. We figured that they can go on the path to earn forgiveness while working hard with music and bringing others joy. Forgiveness doesn’t come from hiding away from others. Big Bang’s Korean promotions are important, but from looking at YouTube’s view counts, we could see the reaction overseas was hot as well. We thought it was right to meet the fans with a Big Bang of power and dignity. Big Bang’s comeback was wholly my will. It was not the members’.”

– How did it feel seeing Big Bang halt promotions. 

“It was very hard over the past months. G-Dragon took a lot of time to reflect and focused on making music. That is why we reached such good results. Without this time of reflection, we might have released music without new style. He was able to learn from this experience with his hurt and focus a lot while reflecting on his actions.”

– Don’t you have to supervise them more now? 

“People thing Big Bang and 2NE1 go out and party a lot but that is not the case. Don’t you think I would be the best to know this information? They don’t really know many other celebrities and they don’t have much association. With the events that happened, they felt a heavy responsibility considering how much they were noticed. Rather than watching over them, I am trying to give them autonomy.”

● On the conflict with KBS 

– It has been noticed that you are friendlier with SBS and there seem to be conflicts with KBS. 

“Saying that “our relationships are uncomfortable” or that there is a “power struggle” is not true. What would an entertainment company earn from a power struggle with a broadcast company? We didn’t go on any MBC shows, so I don’t see why there isn’t it about our relationship with MBC.”

– Then what about the appearances on SBS compared to third parties. 

We have a mutual understanding with SBS. We don’t discriminate against broadcast companies, but we rather look at who the directors are. Park Sunghoon PD has a high rating, so last year with 2NE1’s comeback we worked on the comeback stage with Park PD. We work hard to put on good performances, and we aren’t trying to work with only one broadcast company.

We also try to promote on one music program per week. We do not discriminate and decide between music programs. If you go on a show that does not differentiate the stages, the singled ultimately is unable to be differentiated as well. We choose where to perform with a lot of care. The one time we perform, we want to put on a good stage.”

– There is talk that you asked for special treatment from KBS and got denied, and that this why you do not perform on KBS shows. 

“It doesn’t make sense that a broadcast company is asked of special treatment. If this was the case we would want to be at the end of the program all the time. Last year on MBC GD&TOP only sang one song.”

Source: Nate

Translation: @kristinekwak

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