Who is G-Dragon’s Personal Japanese Interpreter? [NEWS]

Guess who G-Dragon’s personal Japanese interpreter is. Hint: It’s a fellow Big Bang member!

The user of an online community site recently uploaded a series of photos under the title ‘G-Dragon’s personal interpreter’. The personal interpreter turned out to be Seungri, who was shown in the photos to be constantly whispering something into G-Dragon’s ear.

The photos were from the March 21 broadcast of Fuji TV’s long-running show, which featured Big Bang to promote its album Alive.

This day Big Bang was accompanied by a professional interpreter, but the members were able to converse in fluent Japanese with the MCs without the interpreter’s help. 

Seungri even showed his Japanese brand of manners by asking the MCs to sit down first before he himself took his seat. He also adlibbed some of his lines and joked with the MCs outside of the prepared dialogue, and became an interpreter for the other members. 

Netizens who saw the broadcast left comments such as, ‘He’s almost like a Japanese native. He doesn’t look awkward’, ‘Seungri must’ve studied Japanese really hard’ and ‘Seungri’s interpreting in his ear and G-Dragon’s nodding. That looks nice’. 

Big Bang will be touring Japan in May with its world tour 2012 Big Bang Alive Tour, starting in Nagoya on May 17 and continuing on through Yokohama, Osaka, Saitama and Fukuoka.

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