"Good Morning" Sheds Light on Big Bang Members′ Past (120410) [NEWS/MISC.]

20120103_big3_bigbangThey’re big stars now but what were Big Bang’s members like as young students?

That’s what SBS’ Good Morning sought to find out on the April 10 episode as some of its production members went to the Big Bang member’s elementary, junior high and high schools.

Some of tidbits the episode shared included G-Dragon starting his broadcast debut at the early age of five on the MBC children’s program Bbo Bbo Bbo. His dancing and rapping skills were already famous as an elementary student and even appeared on television as part of a mini version of the 1990’s popular co-ed group, Roora.

His second year junior high home room teacher wrote then about G-Dragon, “Whatever role you give him, he does his best.”

The show also revealed G-Dragon and Taeyang went to the same high school together, where Taeyang used to sport much longer locks.

Member Daesung was shown to have hardly changed from his childhood.

His second year junior high school home room teacher praised Daesung’s singing even then, writing, “If he tries hard I think he can easily become a singer.” The same teacher also wrote that he believed Daesung would become a gifted and talented individual.

Guess teachers really do know best!

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