The Perfect Television Wonder Woman? Gina Carano

With Supergirl comes this incredible opportunity to bring the queen of female empowerment onto the small screen once again: Wonder Woman, and the perfect person for that role? Gina Carano.

A Sci-Fi Adventure That Needs a Spark | Review of The Revenge of Seven (Lorien Legacies, #5) – 954 Nation

Shifting from several point of views, The Revenge of Seven builds a strong and wonderful story packed with adventure and story as the moves forward and follows these various characters as they move on from the tragic events of the last book. The team, separated with no way of contacting one another, each chapter shows events across the globe as they happen, tying the characters together as well as the story.

Xbox One contains non-replaceable hard drive

By:  Zorine Te The Xbox One console will contain a non-replaceable 500GB hard drive, Microsoft has confirmed in an interview with Engadget. Microsoft’s senior director of product planning, Albert Penello, confirmed that the console would contain an internal 500GB hard drive that cannot be upgraded. By comparison, the Xbox 360 console offered hard drives with varying degrees of capacity and allowed users to replace the hard drive. If users wish to expand the Xbox One’s storage, a USB 3.0 port is available to []

Thursday Night TV (24 Jan 2013)

Well, this episode certainly got serious there.  It’s pretty evident that the writers are trying to create some tension, but the writers, well, they really need to work on how they do it.  Granted, there is no law against sitcom’s have serious moments, but with how this show has progressed over the seasons, this late in the game, it feels misplaced.  Steve Carrell was amazing at making serious moments funny, it was his job and he was brilliant at it.  But now, []

Monday Night TV (21 Jan 2013)

Sweet’s is an amazing character and the actor (John Francis Daley) is amazing.  The way he says all his psychological terms and analysis are amazing, I mean I believe, sometimes, that he really is a psychologist because the actor is just very good at what he does.  Hodgins (played by T. J. Thyne) was losing it in this episode.  Consider the circumstances I find it understandable and we got to see a brutal side to him, elevating his characterization.  The way T. []

Thursday Night TV (3 Jan 2013)

Penny and Leonard…honestly they are a great pair and I love the dynamic this entire cast has with one another.  It was great to see a new episode.  The humor in the show is great and brilliantly written and as a science geek and comic geek I am pleased to see how well this show is doing to progress both of those aspects while keeping the integrity of the show whole. Now, onto the actual episode…omg, I was laughing so hard.  The []

Dark Souls II Wii U petition nets 10,000 signatures

By: Eddie Makuch The online petition at Change.org calling on Namco Bandai to bring Dark Souls II to the Wii U is picking up steam. The petition today crossed 10,000 signatures, a marked improvement over the 3,000 it had earlier this week. The creator of the petition says the Wii U is a worthwhile platform for Dark Souls II for two main reasons. The first, he said, is that the Wii U’s GamePad would open up beneficial inventory management options. The second major reason Dark Souls II should []

A Member of Boyfriend Goes Half Nude

By: halves in unison  Shim Hyunseong, member of group Boyfriend, breaks the perception that the team is just stick thin. He decided to take off his shirt and reveals a rather muscular bod. On November 15, his agency Starship Entertainment updated their official twitter with the picture along with the caption “Hyunseong lost 5kg [11 pounds] for this album. Abs revealed! He became a ‘Janus.’ ^^ How is it? Please love Boyfriend’s latest song ‘Janus’ please.” Inside the picture, he gives off a []