Royal Blood (A Vampire Kisses Novel: Book 6)

Royal Blood
Book 6

Great book.  I realized something as I reading this book.  It’s a lot like Twilight except for a few minor things: it has a plot, wit, good writing, character depth, character development, a great dynamic, realistic characters, making them more 3 dimensional rather than 2 dimensional.  Hmm, I guess it’s nothing like Twilight huh.  Sorry Twilight fans!  I prefer Vampire Kisses to Twilight any day.  Now, back to actual critique of this book.  I liked it a lot.  It was so charming and adorable!  Okay, maybe adorable is the wrong word.  I just loved it so much and the character growth in Raven is simply astounding, it was something I had worried about since the previous book which lacked in that department a bit.  But here I loved it and the introduction of Alexander’s presents was so not what I would have expected!  I loved it.  A theme here was self-acceptance and loyalty to oneself and how if you love doing something, no matter how hard, keep on doing it and try making a career out of it.  Let me tell, it something I needed to read and made me feel great about my own dreams and confidence.  For that, it gets 5/5 ’s and an “A+”.

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