Anthony Hopkins Sought For Red 2 Villain Role

By: Sean O’Connell


Bruce Willis and Hellen Mirren might be facing off against Hannibal Lecter if the producers of the Red sequel get their way.

OK, so not Lecter the character – though that would make for an outstanding Avengers-level mash-up that automatically would make me more interested than usual in seeing this sequel. But Summit Entertainment has made it known toDeadline that they’d like to get Anthony Hopkins to play the villainous role in the soon-to-be-filming Red sequel, and that the actor is interested. The only thing potentially standing in Hopkins’ way, according to reports, are his commitment to playing Odin in Marvel’s announced Thor 2. Schedules allegedly are being juggled as we speak.

Which is great, because Hopkins would make for an outstanding adversary in aRed film. The action in the initial – a surprise hit for Summit – was slightly cartoonish but grounded in enough reality that Hopkins could sink his teeth into the dramatic flair of an evil-villain role while still managing to have some fun. I also think it’s important for Willis and Mirren’s characters to face off against someone closer to their own age. I don’t need to see Willis trying to get the upper hand on some young, hotshot action foe. This isn’t Lethal Weapon 4, for christsakes.

Red 2 will be directed by Dean Parisot. Currently, it co-stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Byung Hun-Li … and with a little luck, Hopkins will join the mix. It’s expected to reach theaters on August 2, 2013.

Source: Cinema Blend

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