Halo 4 preorders score customizable skins

By: Eddie Makuch, News Editor

Halo4RaptorSkin_19903_screenMaster Chief’s return in Halo 4 is still months off, but gamers who express their optimism by plunking down money to reserve a copy will get something in return. The latest Halo Bulletin update reveals that the “first eight” preorder bonuses for Halo 4 will be weapon and armor skins. Developer 343 Industries made clear that the bonuses are skins only, and that the company has no plans to lock away armor.

According to 343 Industries, users will be able to customize the colors of each skin to their liking. Announced skins thus far include the Pulse, Raptor, Web, Circuit, and Forest armor variations, as well as Locust and Deadeye helmet offerings. On top of this, an Arctic skin for the Battle Rifle will be available, as will several customizable emblems, including Mjolnir, Spartan, Assassin, Bulletproof, and Bonebreaker variations.

The Halo 4 preorder bonuses will be split up and doled out across several retailers. GameStop is currently offering the Forest armor skin, Amazon has the Web skin, Best Buy the Raptor skin, and Walmart shoppers will score the Circuit skin. The arctic Battle Rifle skin appears to be exclusive to EB Games in Canada.

Halo 4 is due out on November 6 for the Xbox 360. It is a direct sequel to 2007’s Bungie-developed Halo 3, and is part of a new series titled the Reclaimer trilogy.

Source: GameSpot

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