Captain America 2 Hires Community Producers Joe And Anthony Russo To Direct

By: Katey Rich

Captain_America_2_31285They seemed like total longshots when they made the rumored shortlist for directors back in March, but it seems unlikely dreams really can come true:Variety reports that Joe and Anthony Russo, former producers of the sitcom Community, have been tapped to direct Captain America 2, the upcoming sequel to the hit Marvel movie that’s set for a release date of April 4, 2014.

The Russos aren’t just TV guys, having co-directed the comedies You, Me And Dupree and Welcome to Collinwood, but a big-budget superhero sequel is a long, long way away from directing comedies. Then again, one of the best things about the first Captain America movie was its sense of humor, specifically the way Chris Evans is able to play Cap as both a goody-goody and a guy you want to spend time with. The sharp, often dark tone of Community isn’t really anything like theCaptain America vibe, but I think most of that can be credited to Dan Harmon; the Russos have had a hand in some of the best recent TV comedies, includingArrested Development and Happy Endings, and I bet it’s that humor that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige wants to bring on board.

The Russos are also just the latest in a string of unlikely choices to handle Marvel projects, from Shakespeare veteran Kenneth Branagh on Thor to Joss Whedon making his second feature film and turning it into The Avengers. But Marvel also hasn’t planted a bad foot yet– except Iron Man 2, if you want to count that– so at this point we probably ought to trust their gambles. Congratulations to the Russos on a huge, huge step forward in their careers.

Source: Cinema Blend

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