What is G-Dragon’s favorite hairstyle? [NEWS]

bigbangupdates gdG-Dragon is a singer, producer, leader of BIGBANG and an undisputed fashionista. In his 6 years after debuting, he has carried a lot of hairstyles and presented different kinds of fashion. Which of the hairstyles he had is he most attached to?

G-Dragon shared with Osen (news agency) through a representative from YG, "I think the best style for me was my blonde hair during Heartbreaker, my 1st solo album."

"It was my first time to be blonde and it became a hot issue. I like that there are a lot of styles you can do with it. At that time, I needed another style different from GD in BIGBANG because it was my first solo album. I made my style with items from Europe and Japan. I have a personal attachment to my blonde hairstyle and it’s the most memorable for me."

Source: Osen & Big Bang Updates
Translated by lucywinslet@twitter

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