Blades of the Tiger (The Taladas Trilogy: Book 1)

Book 1

Good book.  I miss DragonLance novels.  Anyway I love the way Chris Pierson paints a story, he captures who the characters are in not just what they say or think but in the way they act, even when they have no control over the way that they act.  I quite love it, I think that’s what I loved the most of this novel.  The very story was decent enough, I like that we got a new story over in another continent of Krynn.  But there were however some inaccuracies that I was very aware of in relation to not just previous novels but also the history given by those novels.  Overall however I liked this book a lot.  It had a slow start despite the action, but the beginning and how it started with the Moontheif elf Shedara was an intense attention getter.  4/5 ‘s & an “A-“.

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