Aksys Games Announces Ragnarok Tactics For US Release

By: Shawn Collier   (@ShawnCollier)


Sony’s PlayStation Vita, the successor to the Sony PSP, was released earlier this year but publishers are still releasing new titles for the veteran handheld and Aksys Games is about to add another one to the list with their announcement of Ragnarok Tactics’s North American release.

Being a strategy RPG title, you should expect to see multiple factions and endings depending on your choices alongside the strategic RPG combat that the genre has become renown for. Similar to prior Ragnarok games, Ragnarok Tactics features customizable characters complete with modifiable skills, stats and job classes. And if you have friends among you who play the game, you can utilize the game’s local Ad Hoc wireless mode to exchange weapons and play against your friend’s created units.

Aksys Games will release Ragnarok Tactics later this Fall exclusively on the Sony PSP.

Source: Gaming Union

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