Wrath of the Blue Lady (The Wilds: A Forgotten Realms Novel)

7028769Hmm, I liked this book, it didn’t take me that long to read it and I have to say that I did enjoy it, but I felt as though it were dragging.  I mean half the book is the main character communicating with the Blue Lady through his dreams.  All she does is spend her time haunting his sleep, taunting and threatening him.  It was slow.  And then when he was in the water, finally, the whole struggle to survive was played down a bit.  I expected more!  More!  But it was not the epic battle I had expected when I picked up this book in the bookstore and read the back cover I thought “wow, this sounds cool” but it was, I don’t know, lacking in comparison to my expectations of the read.  Overall though, the writing and characterization was good, the detail was not over done, I just think it dragged out to much where it didn’t really matter and when it should have, like the battle, it was lacking.  Still a good read.  3/5 ‘s & a “B-”.

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