Halo 4 requires 8GB install for multiplayer

By: Eddie Makuch

Halo4_32991_screenGamers looking to play the multiplayer component of 343 Industries’ upcoming shooter Halo 4 will need at least 8GB of free space on their Xbox 360 systems. In an update to the official Xbox website, Microsoft also advised that for an “optimal experience” players should install the entire game to their hard drives. It was not mentioned how large the entire Halo 4 install is.

Multiplayer in Halo 4 is broken into two components: War Games and Spartan Ops. War Games has players battling one another in a range of classic and new gametypes, some of which have been previously detailed. Spartan Ops, however, is a brand-new experience for the Halo franchise. This episodic game mode has players working through new story-driven experiences on a weekly basis.

Halo 4 is due out worldwide on November 6, and according to 343 Industries, is nearing completion.

Source: GameSpot

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