Trail of the Black Wyrm (Taladas Trilogy: Book 2

Book 2

Hmm, this was an okay book I have to say.  It wasn’t as good as book one, I feel as though it was a filler.  However that ending was so unexpected, I did not see that coming.  Although I think, in hindsight I should have expected it.  But I didn’t.  I think the first half the book was a bit boring but the second half had me gripped, I couldn’t pull away.  Overall there was a lot of character development in this dark adventure.  It was a contract to the original trilogy of the original Chronicles because this is a dark realm.  But that’s what makes it so interesting.  I am excited to read the last book of this trilogy I must say.  Not one of Chris Piersons best, but certainly not his worst.  Overall I have to say that it was an okay book. 3/5‘s and a “B-”.

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