The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-ManNow here is amazing movie that did the Spider-Man comics justice.  Not only did it stay true to the comics but it went back to the roots.  And you’re talking to a girl who has the original first 6 issues of Spider-Man so I know the roots.  This movie was amazing and the Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker love story is always something I have been a fan of.  I mean I simply love those two characters and they fit together like puzzle pieces.  The screenplay for this movie was awesome, sure it had a few cheesy parts but those were usually when Peter was stumbling over his words in the presence of Gwen, but it was cute and came off as genuine.  I mean I loved it.  Special effects, back story, casting, they were all amazing.  I couldn’t really find any fault with this movie because well, I enjoyed it.  It was true to the comics and the roots of Spider-Man.  This movie showed us who he was, who he is, under the mask and suit.   Had me laughing and was a thrill to see all that action and ohmigod some moments were really gut wrenching. 4/4 ‘s & an “A”.

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