Review of ‘The Stardust Thief’

The Stardust Thief captures the readers’ hearts with spellbinding magic, charming characters, and thrilling adventure.

Inspired by One Thousand and One Nights, The Stardust Thief follows Loulie into the desert with the sultan’s son, her Jinn bodyguard, and Jinn hunter as they hunt for a magical lamp.

Loulie & Qadir

The Stardust Thief
Chelsea Abdullah

Following multiple POVs, The Stardust Thief follows Loulie, known as the Midnight Merchant. With the help of her magical compass and Qadir, she hunts down priceless magical artifacts and sells them to the highest bidder.

I love the relationship between her and Qadir. Qadir is a Jinn who saved her as a child, killing the people who massacred her village. Jinn are hunted in this kingdom, so they keep his identity a secret. Everyone else knows him as her bodyguard. However, when he does not want to be seen, he hides in the fires of torches, seeing through them or taking the form of a lizard on Loulie’s shoulder.

They are a family, and they have their ups and downs. They care about each other deeply, as a brother would a sister and vice versa. But there is also growth in their relationship as the truths begin to come to life. Tension rises through their confrontations, but they never abandon one another. They are a family, and the reader sees that from beginning to end.


Loulie and Qadir were the winning pair here, but the other cast of characters also helped build up the story.

Mazen is the sultan’s prince, the son of the legendary storyteller who ended the sultan’s reign of terror. If you’re familiar with One Thousand and One Nights, you know the sultan took a new wife every day but, fearing being betrayed, would kill them the next morning. She told him story after story until he fell in love with her and learned to trust her.

Mazen, like his mother, is a storyteller. He thrives on spinning tales, capturing his mothers’ voice within his own.

That storytelling element was such an excellent addition to the narrative. Readers are enjoying a story within a story. Once again, the reader sees the strong influence of One Thousand and One Nights brought to life by Abdullah’s strong voice. Her storytelling is captivating and magical. The reader is sucked into the stories, wanting more and more as the plot builds and twists and turns.

Final Thoughts

The Stardust Thief offers the reader a magical story. The storytelling is spellbinding; the characters are complex and balance one another perfectly, all while building up the story and taking it to new heights.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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