Microsoft hiring for next-gen Halo

halo_feature_40829_screenWell it would seem things are looking good for Halo.  The new internal Microsoft Halo house 343 Industries (that was a mouthful), appears to be working on a next generation halo game.  Job listing at the Redmond Washington shop seek a graphics developer and a FC technical artist to join a team that will “drive the future of Halo”.

Of course, just like any job, there are requisitions.  In a graphics developer, Halo House, is seeking a person who will “help create the current and next generation of the game visuals in the Halo Universe”.  In regards to the technical artist ad, it is said that the person chosen for this position will “join a team responsible for designing and maintaining the infrastructure required for artist and designers to build a next-generation Halo Game”.

According to an article on, a Microsoft representative said “our focus right now is on developing ‘Halo 4’.  Beyond that, we have no comment.”

However, they have previously confirmed that a Halo 5 and a Halo 6 are in the pipeline as part of a new trilogy titled the “Reclaimer Trilogy”.  Despite that though, no firm details beyond Halo 4 have been released.

Not forget now, Halo 4 is due out November 6th and is a direct sequel to 2007’s (Bungie Studios-development) Halo 3.  This game puts players back in the fighting boots of Master Chieft and adds a new Spartan Ops mode.  It also as an updated Forge toolset.  Oh, and it sports the return of the battle rifle!

Source: GameSpot

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