Final Fantasy fans stream the entire series for charity – watch, donate


By: E. V. Duine

A large group of Final Fantasy fans have pulled together to do something for a good cause with the series, using the games to help raise money for charity. The marathon  is taking place across the course of this weekend and will see a plethora of different players tackle every major release in the series, speed running them as quickly as possible and streaming it all online. You’ll probably see some pretty cool sequence breaks, skips and glitches along the way – so it’s well worth checking out. You can find the full schedule of what game is being played listed , too – so if you want to watch one game but skip another it’s easy to figure out the timings. Alongside the stream there’s a donation drive, encouraging all those watching to get involved. All proceeds go to the organization ’To Write Love on Her Arms’ – a non-profit group that’s aimed towards helping people struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts. If you feel that’s a worthy cause, the option to contribute is there! You can find the streams over here , and if you’d rather straight up donate, that link is here . What are you waiting for?! Go – and spread the word! Have a good weekend, people.You can leave a response , or trackback  from your own site.

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