‘Hardcore gamers love GameStop’ – CEO Paul Raines

By: Eddie Makuch

PaulRaines2_36872_screenWhen most U.S. gamers think of brick-and-mortar games stores, they think of GameStop. The Grapevine, Texas-based company operates more than 4,000 stores across the country; it owns the Game Informer magazine; and its used game business is unrivaled. Once a fully brick-and-mortar retailer, GameStop is now adopting and embracing a multi-faceted digital strategy, which has proven lucrative for the firm.

GameSpot recently got the chance to speak with GameStop CEO Paul Raines during a media tour of the company’s refurbishment center in Texas. It was the first time the refurbishment center was opened to the press.

During our time with the Fortune 500 executive, Raines talked about how hardcore gamers "love" GameStop and that the lifestyle of gamers "requires" there be a second-hand market. He also said physical games are not going away any time soon, and will "evolve" to a point where the boxed copy is needed to play digital content.

Additionally, Raines spoke to how GameStop has found success with used games while its competitors have fallen by the wayside. He also said next-gen consoles that block used games don’t make economic sense, GameStop is not interested in the rental business, and that the current economic troubles in Europe is a potential threat to GameStop’s business.

Check out GameSpot’s full interview with Raines here, and look for our photo feature of GameStop’s refurbishment center later this week.

Source: GameSpot

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