Square Enix hints at new Final Fantasy VII Play Arts, promises a character who’s never been commercialized

By: Erren Van Duine

FFVII-Play-ArtsFans of Final Fantasy VII and merchandise alike might have a reason to get excited here in the near future. I know I am.

Square Enix Merchandise General Manager Hidemi Matsuzuka shared a few messages recently on Twitter hinting at where the direction the company’s next Final Fantasy Play Arts Kai figures may be heading.

Last week, he mentioned that a character would be going into prototype – one that had never been commercialized before. Today he clarified a bit, going on to tease that a new Final Fantasy VII Play Arts would be in production… namely “a President of FFVII.”

President… Shinra? Rufus Shinra? That’s likely the best guess here as he does hold a bit of popularity within the fanbase. Added to that, Square Enix has been putting out several Shinra Company related items including a tumbler, stickers and tote bag. It can’t all be coincidence… can it? Only time will tell, but with this year being Final Fantasy VII’s 15th anniversary, hopefully something will be revealed soon.

Source: Nova Crystallis

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